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Cloud Mapping by Harlem artist Debra Swack is a real-time interactive animation installation and soundscape about the cloud, its significance and history in science and computing, as an enduring subject in art and music. The audience will have the option of seeing works via their smartphone or via a map. Curator Savona McClain will lead the walk.

Debra Swack


DEBRA SWACK is a Fulbright Specialist and Phi Theta Kappa in computer science that began exhibiting new media and sound art in the early 90s at Xerox Parc while doing software testing and technical writing for PolyGram Records/Universal Music Group. She is mentioned in Art and Innovation at Xerox Parc, published by MIT in 1999, and works with immersive and interactive environments in addition to all traditional media. She has received three co-production grants from Banff Centre (95 Chimes, Carousel and Digital Maze Symmetry Project) and was awarded a Summer Artist Residency by Creative Capital in 2012. Her last article on The Emotions after Charles Darwin, a project on the universality of emotions to aid international neuroscientists in autism research, was published by Leonardo Electronic Almanac/MIT Press in 2013 and will be featured in Binghamton University Magazine in 2015. Animal Patterning Project; a software derived, synthetic bio-art animation was published in Infinite Instances, by Random House in 2011 and exhibited at the Binghamton University Art Museum and Offline at Central Booking Gallery in NYC in 2014. In summer 2014 she was a visiting artist at the American Academy in Rome and also presented Cloud Mapping Project at the Pera Museum in Istanbul, which will be published in an upcoming issue of Leonardo Electronic Almanac by MIT Press and presented at Banff Centre for the Arts in August 2015. She is also collaborating with evolutionary biologist Monica Gagliano on Bloom, a bioacoustics sound-art installation that will also be published in Plants and Us by Lexington Press.

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