NYCDOT creates pop-up plazas around the City

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Weekend Walks is a pedestrian-friendly program run by various business groups and civic organizations around the city under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation (DOT). Under the program, cars are banned from commercial thoroughfares for a night or an afternoon so that people can stroll at their leisure in the middle of the street.

These aren’t vendor-packed street fairs, massive festivals or the bike-filled Summer Streets; instead, they’re casual community celebrations where local businesses, organizations and residents come together to dance, make art, eat, party and play in closed-to-traffic streets.

Activities vary by location, but Weekend Walks usually include live music, arts and crafts, classes and workshops, and kids’ programming hosted by cultural institutions and businesses along the route. Since these events are low-key and neighborhood specific, it’s probably not worth traveling a long distance to attend one. However, since there will be more than 60 different Weekend Walks throughout the five boroughs between May and September, there very well may be one near you.

Weekend Walks /West Harlem




WHAF_UTV_2-9694 WHAF_UTV_2-9696


Other Weekend Walks Neighborhoods



Greenwich Village


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