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Synced is the group installation premiering on October 3rd for Under the Viaduct. This work is a collaboration between the West Harlem Art Fund and Pratt Digital Media. Four Northern Manhattan artists were selected for the project — Rafia Santana, Charlie Reynoso, Debra Swack and Dianne Smith. Each artist has a dedicated team of students and professors working with them to create their individual piece. LIVE dancers have been brought on board as well. Images above show the team working for artist Dianne Smith. Logo and poster design were created by artist Rafia Santana.

Caroline Voagen Nelson, Reel Tee, Miguel Diez, Eda Zallak, Christopher Rutledge, Esther Shin, Evan Poliquin, Christa Carr, Alyssa Arocho, Daniel Carbone, and Songyang LiDancers are Ellen Maynard, Louise Benkelman, Quentin Burley.

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