“Harlem is a neighborhood filled with culture and history.  The spilling paint represents that.  As the viewer interacts with the piece it intensifies and washes over them, immersing them in Harlem and city life.” Charlie Reynoso, artist

Charlie Reynoso is a native New Yorker, born in Washington Heights and currently residing in Inwood.  Raised in New York, hip hop culture and the urban environment had a huge influence on Reynoso’s love for art.  He began drawing in school notebooks as a kid and overtime developed as a graffiti artist and photographer.  Today, Reynoso works with “I Love My Hood”, a collective of artists, supporting and implementing public art that engages local communities and encourages them to take pride in their hood.

Team Reynoso
Blake Carrington, Yiwen Yan, Liyuan Wang, Yaqi Wang and Yiling Xie

Digital and sound videos by Debra Swack for Animal Patterning

Team Swack
Matt Broach, Jessica Beshears, Victoria Chan, Enrique Garcia, Mariel Greenberg, Anna Hong, Coraima Jimenez, Heein Park, Dan Ran, Celena Tang, Shannon Tuozzo, Amanda Zhang, Ellen Maynard, Louise Benkelman, Quentin Burley


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