The West Harlem Art Fund is so pleased to bring improvisation to Under the Viaduct. The organization has selected Movement Playdates. This team will show how we can all live life more artfully. The lineup for Under the Viaduct is growing for Saturday, July 18th. Time for this intervention is 4 p.m.


Photoshoot for 'First Song' choreographed by Simone Ferro with Mary Madsen. Performed in Milwaukee, WI (2009) and New York City (2010).

Photoshoot for ‘First Song’ choreographed by Simone Ferro with Mary Madsen. Performed in Milwaukee, WI (2009) and New York City (2010).


MARY MADSEN is a midwesterner originating from Wisconsin and holding a BFA from UW-Milwakee. Living in New York since 2003, she has had the great opportunity to work with a vast group of artists across a range of medians. Currently Mary performs in Third Rail ProjectsThen She Fell, and also dances for Jody Oberfelder Projects, Megan Bascom and Dancers, and the Resonance Collective. Past artists she has worked with include Regina Nejman, John J Zullo, RebollarDance Theater (D.C.), Kelly Anderson (Chicago), Simone Ferro (Milwaukee), & Elia Mrak (Seattle). Mary was a core collaborator and choreographer for the Indie Rock group Jigsaw Soul (’05-’08), and appeared in their music video Cockroach Hotel. Mary also enjoys creating dance films, and small choreographic works. –

CARMEN CACERES is a dance artist, originally from Argentina. She has been creating and presenting dance works in NY since 2011, at Dixon Place, Open Performance of Movement Research, Green Space Studio, Battery Dance Company Studios, and Center for Performance Research. As a performer she worked with artists Anabella Lenzu, Katie Rose McLaughlin, Isabel Lewis, Jillian Peña, Lisa Parra, Sarah Berges, & Elia Mrak, among others. In the fall of 2012 Carmen founded DanceAction, a dance collective that works as a platform to explore and research ways of creating movement material, and produce dance works in collaboration with musicians, designers and visual artists. –

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