WHAF_UTV2015-0815 WHAF_UTV2015-0816 WHAF_UTV2015-0818 WHAF_UTV2015-0823 WHAF_UTV2015-0833 WHAF_UTV2015-0892 WHAF_UTV2015-0893 WHAF_UTV2015-0907 WHAF_UTV2015-0909

All photos taken by Will Vaultz

Projecting computer-generated visuals onto a 104 feet long and 16 feet tall white wall that responds to the sound of cars passing by and to motions created by audience members, river|road is a truly interactive experience that lets visitors observe and contemplate the close connection of the city to the river. The project has been conceptualized and created by CultureHub’s Artistic Director Billy Clark and Technical Director Jesse Ricke.

“The river|road project uses technology to create stunning visual effects that can be manipulated by sound and movement integrating the environment around the river and engaging audience members,“ states Clark. “We will create 48 light bands that will fragment and reveal the texture of the 104 feet long wall. When cars drive by, the sound of the passing cars will disrupt our computer generated visuals, producing a dynamic pattern of light on the wall.”

A special highlight and the culmination of the project will occur when audience members clear accumulated computer generated data with their movement, revealing a poem by Rita Dove, United States Poet Laureate and Pulitzer Prize Winner for Poetry, entitled Under the Viaduct, 1932, and adding a textual layer to the light projection.

river|road is a free event presented by CultureHub in association with The West Harlem Art Fund, Savona Bailey-McClain, Executive Director and Chief Curator, a seventeen year old public art organization and curatorial collective serving neighborhoods around the city. Funded by CCNY City Lights SPIE Chapter, The West Harlem Arts Fund and the National Endowment for the Arts, the art project is part of the UN International Year of Light.

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