WHAF_UTV2015-0366 WHAF_UTV2015-0382 WHAF_UTV2015-0424 WHAF_UTV2015-0447 WHAF_UTV2015-0459 WHAF_UTV2015-0499

All photos taken by Will Vaultz

Choreographed by Louise Eberle for Under the Viaduct 2015, an art & lifestyle series where folks can meet, bike, skate or dine in an open-air plaza. Situated in West Harlem on 12th Avenue and near the Hudson River, residents and fellow New Yorkers enjoyed passive recreation in the daytime and when the sun went down, engaged in a sunset dance intervention, digital and reflective art.

The premiere of Shoreline was based on movement themes of “ebbing and flowing”. Dancers clustered onto the grassy lawn between the two piers on the shore. Once assembled, the dancers progressed to a canon of set material, which evolved into a mass of bodies, again moving with “ebbing and flowing” ideas, ending as the dancers move in a flock-like fashion off down the path, indicating the end of the piece.

Music by: Dejen Tesfagiorgis

Dancers: Louise Eberle, Kiki Williams, Rachel Goldstein, Theresa Elwell, Tessa Anton, Alissa Lazaro, Amy Larson, Marion Spencer

Location:           West Harlem Piers

Time Frame:      12 minutes

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