Our outdoor series UNDER THE VIADUCT will involve several pop-up interventions along the Hudson River and under the 12th Avenue and Henry Hudson viaduct (digital projections, sound art, tours and dance) for the general public on three dates – June 6th, July 18th and October 3rd.

UNDER THE VIADUCT, Henry Hudson Parkway Edition

CULTUREHUB, a not-for-profit Art & Technology Center founded by La MaMa and the Seoul Institute of the Arts will present River|Road, a public art project as part of the West Harlem Art Fund’s “Under the Viaduct 2015” Intervention Series. The projection will take place on June 6, 2015, from 8-10 pm in Fort Washington Park at the handball courts which is locate on 158thStreet, facing the Hudson River. River|Road an interactive experience that remixes the riverscape and its urban surroundings. 48 bands of light break to reveal the surface of a 104′ wall facing the Hudson River. Noise of the traffic overhead disrupts the installation while audience members play with the dynamic patterns of light. Appropriate for all ages, River|Road shows the city in a whole new light.


The WEST HARLEM ART FUND is a seventeen year old, public arts organization. WHAF offers exhibition opportunities for artists and creative professionals wishing to share their talent with residents uptown and around the city. The West Harlem Art Fund, Inc. showcases art and culture in open, public spaces to add aesthetic interest to our part of the city; promote historical and cultural heritage; and support community involvement in local development. Our organizational symbol is the double crocodile from West Africa.  Funtunmmireku-Denkyemmirreku means unity in diversity.

River|Road is a UN International Year of Light project. Funding was made possible by the National Endowment of the Arts, SPIE & the West Harlem Development Corporation.

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