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The West Harlem Art Fund has reached out to the biking community to help with the facilitation of lifestyle interventions. Biking is becoming a permanent lifestyle choice in NYC. It’s about connecting with your City, your neighbors, and fellow New Yorker. Therefore, we will teach kids how to ride with Bike NYC and have bike demos by Major Taylor Iron Riders and the All Women’s Triathlon Team. There will be free time to practice riding or skateboarding on 12th Avenue in the day and when the sun goes down, folks can ride and be apart of the digital installation.


MAJOR TAYLOR IRON RIDERS is a New York based cycling club. The club is made up of cyclists of all levMajor Taylor Iron Riders is a New York based cycling club. The club is made up of cyclists of all levels from all over the tri-state area. Our mission is to promote the joys, the health benefits and the camaraderie of cycling. Membership is open to anyone regardless of race, creed or gender. Anyone who owns or rides a Road Bike is welcome to join the club. Many of our members are fascinating people and lifelong cyclists. Several have ridden for over twenty years. We want to share that experience with new members. The club is made up of two branches. There is the Touring team and the Racing team.

We are a high performance cycling club. If you are willing to become a good rider, than we have a place for you. Rides take place every weekend and the season consists of several out of town rides. If you like to ride a bike, want to be fit for life or just want to have fun and meet interesting people, than come join us.

BRANDS ALL WOMEN’S TRI TEAM (AWTT) was formed in 2012 to help foster the growth of women participating in the sport of triathlon in the Five Boroughs of New York and Long Island. Team members reside in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Long Island, and the majority of team activities and sponsors are local to these areas. The AWTT accomplishes its mission through racing, volunteering, mentoring, and sharing their journey via social media.

BIKE NYC  offers free bike education programs throughout the five boroughs, whereby we teach kids and adults how to ride a bike, and how to do so safely and confidently in the city. In 2014 alone, we taught bike skills to 16,000 New Yorkers. Bike New York organizes numerous annual events, including the TD Five Boro Bike Tour (the world’s biggest charitable bike ride), Bike Expo New York, and smaller regional and community rides.


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