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Gale A. Brewer is the 27th Manhattan Borough President, responsible for advising the Mayor and City Council on borough concerns, commenting on all land-use matters in the borough, advocating for the borough in the municipal budget process, and appointing members of Manhattan’s 12 Community Boards. The Borough President also chairs the Borough Board, made up of City Council Members and Chairs from the Community Boards, and the Borough Services Cabinet, composed of senior officials from City agencies delivering services in the borough.

“Congratulations to the West Harlem Art Fund for this fantastic and innovative project. These artistic interventions tell the history of our communities in enlightening ways, by using the infrastructural design of the City itself as a canvas.”

–Gale Brewer




“The Under the Viaduct – Intervention Series is a creative way to enhance the safety and beauty of West Harlem,” said Senator Adriano Espaillat. “The West Harlem Art Fund is a terrific organization that brings culture and economic development to an underserved area. Their projects for City of Water Day and other upcoming installations this summer and fall will showcase the talent our district has to offer and I look forward to these continued collaborations.”

— Adriano Espaillat



“The Hispanic Society of America is thrilled to be a part of this exciting public art project in Upper Manhattan, and we thank Savona Bailey-McClain for her leadership and for giving us this opportunity to participate in this creative program,” said Margaret E. Connors McQuade, Assistant Director, Curator of Decorative Arts, The Hispanic Society of America.

— The Hispanic Society of America
Action Agenda Booklet _FINAL

“With ‘Under the Viaduct,’ the West Harlem Art Fund is enhancing splendid public space, just the way the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance is working to improve the waterfront at West Harlem Piers and all around the city,” said Roland Lewis, MWA President and CEO. “Together, we are working to reinvigorate under-utilized open space and improve quality of life. On City of Water Day, July 12, after you’ve admired the art pieces inland, come to the waterfront and enjoy the waves and the breeze!”

— Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance

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