Street Art & Live Performance coming to inspire


Lady K Fever aka Kathleena Howie will be creating a reflective ( tape) installation and performance on July 12, 2014 around the pillars under the viaduct.

Dubbed in Pillar talk will begin with a performance, inspired by the Goddess of the Ocean/ rivers Yamaja.

A symbolic offering to the West Harlem Piers/ Hudson River will be made at the piers and a procession will quietly move as the motions of the tide changing to under the viaduct.  As the motion of the tides build up the fonts and light inspired text are wrapped around the pillars and left to reflect a message of love and light.  In the evening , there will be a brief performance at  8:23 pm when the full moon rises.

Yamaja will appear briefly around the pillars when the Full Moon rises and heads back to the sea.

The performance/ installation will begin during low tide at 3:48 pm and there will be performance at 8:23 pm for the Moon rising around the dubbed pillars that will bring the energy back to the Ocean.


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