TUNNEL is a collaborative environmental sound installation by members of the Columbia University Computer Music Center and Sound Arts community. They will use microphones to pick up ambient/environmental sounds from the streets, the river, birds in the park, etc. and they will filter them and play them back inside the tunnel. People will walk around inside the tunnel listening and finding spots where there are interesting acoustical effects…

The Sound Arts Program at Columbia University will invite people to explore the acoustics of the overpass space near Tiemann Place by listening and making noise, and to go searching for ambient sounds to be broadcast into the space via wireless microphones.

Team Members

VICTORIA ESTOK has a dual background in sound art and environmental work.

DYLAN KARIO is a musician and developer from Los Angeles who encourages self-reflection.

NOLAN LEM is an artist, engineer, and jazz musician whose work explores vernacular, found rhythms from daily life.

JESS MALCOM is a recent graduate of Barnard College, where she convinced the Theatre department to let her create a sound installation for her thesis project.

RYAN PRATT is a New York City-based composer who is primarily interested in sound and our means of measuring acoustic structures.

DOUGLAS REPETTO is an artist and the director of the Sound Arts MFA program at Columbia University.

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