Line up for DANCE POPS


Pop-up dance Interventions curated by

The West Harlem Art Fund & Kiki Williams

On Saturday, July 12th which coincides with City of Water Day, dancers will perform pop-up interventions in and around the West Harlem Piers area. West Harlem is starting to explode with public art and pop-up interventions. New works are being developed to offer a 21st contemporary art scene.



Participating Artists (Dancers)

MICHAEL ABBATIELLO is a NYC based dancer playing with the hustle and bustle of life through flow and spiral.

DANTE BROWN is a New York based choreographer/performer that enjoys questioning the social implications and physical limits of a moving body in order to  generate thematically drenched environments.

THERESA ELWELL is a mover and art maker based in Brooklyn who is hoping to spread the beauty and mystery of dance through the city.

FLANNERY GREGG is a West meets East Coast movement artist who enjoys performing from a place of honest and articulate reaction.

CHAFIN SEYMOUR, Brooklyn bred and based dance artist, makes collaborative works with friends, comrades, and confidants under Seymour/Dance Collective.

AUTUMN SCOGGAN combines social activism with performance art in order to tell stories and engage in open dialogue with audiences through a variety of at mediums, such as dance, film, and comedy.

KIKI WILLIAMS is originally from L.A., but now finds herself in New York, pursuing all things dance/movement that are full-bodied and incorporate her love for community.


abbatiello_sm_biopic.JPG dante_brown_danceshot1_med


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