Collaboration with the Hispanic Society of America

hsa4 hsa3 Home_07The-Hispanic-Society-of-America,-New-York--Photo-by-Patrick-Lenaghan--Vision-of-Spain-by-Joaquin-Sorolla-y-Bastida,-Bancaja-Gallery_4x6

The West Harlem Art Fund (WHAF) has had a long history with the Hispanic Society of America which borders West Harlem and Washington Heights. This will be our 1st project together. WHAF wants to share maritime history that local residents and visitors may find fascinating. In partnership with NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Program, virtual animated dockings will be created and projected Under the Viaduct.  We also hope that more residents and visitors will come to the Hispanic Society which is free and located at 613 West 155th Street, New York, NY 10032 (212) 926-2234.


The Hispanic Society of America was founded on May 18, 1904 by Archer Milton Huntington. The Hispanic Society first opened its door in 1908 at the Beaux-Arts building on Audubon Terrace that still serves as its home. Under Huntington’s direct supervision the Hispanic Society published more than 200 monographs by the Society’s curators and internationally noted scholars on virtually all facets of Hispanic culture.



Audubon Terrace, also known as the Audubon Terrace Historic District, is a landmark complex of eight early-20th century Beaux Arts/American Renaissance buildings located on the west side of Broadway bounded by West 155th and West 156th on the border of West Harlem and Washington Heights. Home to several cultural institutions, the architecturally complementary buildings, which take up most of a city block, are arranged in two parallel rows facing each other across a common plaza. The complex is directly across 155th Street from Trinity Church Cemetery.


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